docMgt is a complete document life cycle management tool

docMgt improves all stages of the document life cycle - Creation, Processing, Management and Destruction. With docMgt you work smarter and improve your bottom line with our efficient, common-sense way of guiding you through your document life cycle processes.


Most organizations do not manage their document creation processes and simply copy parts of old documents to create new ones from scratch each time. This wastes time and money and reduces control and consistency. docMgt's approach to document creation improves document creation time as well as provides for greater control over the content and formatting of documents. By utilizing "snippets" and "rules" companies have their content experts build libraries of verbiage that other users can pull from when creating documents. This improves reliability, consistency and accuracy or content.


Document approvals are quickly and easily handled with docMgt's integrated work triggers. Work triggers will alert users when there is work to be done such as approving a new document. Users simply click the link, review the document and approve or reject it with the click of a button. If there is more work to be done on the document, the system will notify the next user(s) until the document is ready for publishing.


It is important to be able to limit who can read certain documents and who can alter those documents. With docMgt you can specify by document type or by specific document who can read and write the document. The rules by which the documents are secured can be as flexible as you need. The same document can be secured one way at first then be secured a completely different way as a matter of approval or process.


In today's corporate environment, most documents that are created need to be destroyed when their usefulness is over. Automatic document retention allows you to set triggers on documents by document type or by individual record to allow for destruction as your business rules require.