The User logins report shows when users logged in and out of the system. You can specify the user and date ranges to run the report.

User - The user for whom to run the report. Leave set at "All Users" to show all user login activity.

Login Date - The date range of when the user(s) logged in

Example Output

You can see the User ID, User Name, IP Address and Login Date in the report. You can also use the two options to the right. 

The first option is to view the approximate IP Address location on Google Maps. This is an approximate location based on the provider of the IP address so it will not show you exactly where the user logged in from.Also if the user is using a VPN or other such method then the IP address they report to us may not be the one they are actually originating from.

The second option is the block the IP address. If you are an Admin you will see this option. If you see logins from an IP you know is not allowed you can add a block on it using this option. Be careful not to block your own IP or you will be instantly locked out!