One of the "Mass Record" features available from the search screen is to merge checked records.

All Records that are checked will be merged together into a single Record as long as you have sufficient rights. If you do not have rights to edit a checked Record then a message will be shown describing the failure and the record will remain in the list and will not be merged.

Any Record that no longer exists because of the merge will be removed from the search list. If there were no errors in the merge then after the merge is complete the Record that remains (the one all others were merged into) will be brought up on the screen. All other Records are deleted and will be in the Recycle Bin until purged.

The following items are moved into the main Record during the merge process:

  • Viewing history
  • Asset Tracking history
  • Asset requests
  • Bookmarked Records
  • Workflow Status and History
  • NetLabels print information
  • Collaboration Packages
  • Documents
  • Data