One of the "Mass Record" features available from the search screen is to edit the data values of the checked records.

All Records that are checked will be changed in the same way as long as you have sufficient rights. If you do not have rights to edit a checked Record then a message will be shown describing the failure and the record will remain unchanged.

You will need to refresh your search to see the changes to the Records.

In the Record Edit screen that appears you can enter as many data value changes as you wish. Clicking the ADD button will add more Name / Value rows. ALL values that are entered will affect ALL Records that were checked!

You can use variable replacement for the Field Names and the Field Values as well. The following table shows the variables currently available for use.


Action or Value



Deletes variable from the Record

Not valid on Filters


Includes original value of the field

Only valid on Work Trigger Actions


Summary of Record values

John Smith, 3/13/1987, Omaha


ID of currently effected Record



ID of currently effected Document

Available when Document exists


Name of Document

Scanned Page


Extension of Document



File name of Document



Current Date



Current DateYear



Current Month



Current Month Name



Current Day



Current Date and Time

7/16/2015 10:48


Current Time

10:48 AM


Date # days from now



Next Monday after [EXDATE]



Add to given date the number of Years, Months, Days, Hours minutes and Seconds provided.

You may omit any trailing zero values but must include any leading zeros

[DATEADD(1/1/2018|1)] = 1/1/2019

[DATEADD(1/1/2018|0|3)] = 4/1/2018

[DATEADD(1/1/2018|0|0|4)] = 1/5/2018


Current User's Full Name

Admin User


Current User's First Name



Current User's Last Name



Current User's Full Name

Admin User


Current User's ID



Current User's Email Address


Current User's Login Name



ID of current Workflow item



Assigned Users' Names

admin; jsmith


Assigned Users' Email Addresses;


Workflow Managers' Email Addresses;


Workflow Managers' Names



Work Item Due Date



Global Work Item Due Date



Link To Workflow Item

Workflow only


List of documents missing

invoice, PO, etc


Exception for BETWEEN (B):


Compares val1 to val2 using the operator and if true returns the true value else returns the false value. 

for BETWEEN (B) operations you must supply 6 parameters with the 4th one being the TO value for the FROM (3rd) and TO (4th) combination.

Example 1: [IF(1|=|2|YES|NO)] will return NO 

Example21: [IF(12=|2|YES|NO)] will return YES.

Example 3: [IF(1|B|2|3|YES|NO)] will return NO 

Example 3: [IF(2|B|1|3|YES|NO)] will return YES

Available Operators:

=   Equal

<>  Not Equal

!=  Not Equal

<   Less than

>   Greater than

<=  Less than or equal to

=>  Less than or equal to

>=  Greater than or equal to

=>  Greater than or equal to

B   Between

C   Contains

S   Starts With

E   Ends With

* String operations are NOT case sensitive


Computes the difference between two values. For numbers the third parameter is ignored.

[DIFF(1|3)] = 2 

[DIFF(3|1)] = -2 

[DIFF(1/1/2014|1/4/2017|Y)] = 3 (3 years different)

See period options below.


Absolute value of incoming variable

[ABS(-22)] returns 22


Minimum of values

[MIN(1|6|5|3)] returns 1


Maximum of values

[MAX(1|6|5|3)] returns 6


Count of values

[COUNT(1,3,4,5|,)] returns 4


Average of values

[AVG(1|6|5|3)] returns 3.75


Sum of values

[SUM(1|6|5|3)] returns 15


Returns random numbers

[RANDOM] returns number between 1 and 100

[RANDOM(0|10)] returns number between 1 and 10


Split value on delimiter

[SPLIT(|.|2)] returns "is"


Replaces one value with another value

[REPLACE(test|t|x)] returns "xesx"


Pads string with another up to length

[PAD(ABC|5|x)] returns "ABCxx"


Pads left side of string

[PADLEFT(ABC|5|x)] returns "xxABC"


Formats value based on its formatting rules according to .NET. Works on numeric and date formats.

 - Numeric

 - Date Formats


[FORMAT(12.3|c)] = $12.30


[FORMAT(1/31/2015|YY/DD)] = 15/01


Joins collection of values. Works only on Record, Data and E-Form variable names

[JOIN(PO|;)] with a record that has 3 PO values of 12, 35 and 77 returns "12;35;77"


MATH allows you to solve simple mathematical equations. For instance you can do [MATH(1+2*3)] and it would return 7. MATH allows for parentheses in your equations so you can change the last example to [MATH((1+2)*3)] to return 9. 

Available mathematic operations are as follows and are evaluated in this order.

( and ) = Parentheses (operational grouping)

^ = Exponent

* = Multiplication

/ = Division

\ = Integer Division

% = Modulus (remainder)

+ = Addition

- = Subtraction

Operators with equal precedence are evaluated left to right in the order in which they appear in the expression. This means that if your equation is "10 + 4 - 2 * 3" the order of operation would be:

  1. 2 * 3 = 6 [10 + 4 - 6]
  2. 10 + 4 = 14 [14 - 6]
  3. 14 - 6 = 8


Page Number

Bates stamping only


Page Count

Bates stamping only


ID of user requesting Asset



User name of user requesting Asset



Delimited list of properties for users from specified team. If team not specified then all users.

See Possible User Property Values below

[USERS(Mgrs|EMAIL|;)] = returns semicolon-delimited list of email address for all users in the “Mgrs” team

[USERS(|NAME|;)] = returns semicolon-delimited list of full names for all users


Delimited list of properties for all teams.

See Possible Team Property Values below

[TEAMS(NAME|;)] = returns semicolon-delimited list of Names for all teams

Possible Period values: 

Y = Years as compared by year number 

[DIFF(1/1/2009|12/31/2009)] = 0 

[DIFF(12/31/2009|1/1/2010)] = 1

[DIFF(6/1/2009|5/30/2010)] = 1

[DIFF(6/1/2009|6/1/2010)] = 1

y = Years as compared by # of days between 

[DIFF(1/1/2009|12/31/2009)] = 1 

[DIFF(12/31/2009|1/1/2010)] = 0

[DIFF(6/1/2009|5/30/2010)] = 0

[DIFF(6/1/2009|6/1/2010)] = 1

M = Months

D and d = Days

B = Business Days

H and h = Hours

m = Minutes

S and s = Seconds

Possible User Property Values: 

ID = IDs of users

FIRSTNAME = First names of users

LASTNAME = Last names of users

EMAIL = Email addresses of users

USERNAME = User names (login names) of users

NAME or FULLNAME = Full names (FIRSTNAME LASTNAME)of user or USERNAME if FIRST and LAST are not available

Possible Team Property Values: 

ID = IDs of teams

NAME = Names of teams