The clipboard feature allows you to move Documents between Records. This can be useful if documents are placed into the wrong Record or if someone added documents to a temporary Record just to get them into the system and the need to be moved for indexing purposes.

The process is simple:

  1. Select Documents in a Record by using the check boxes
  2. Use the "Add to Clipboard" option in the Check mark drop-down to add the documents to the Clipboard
  3. Bring up another or a new Record
  4. Open the Clipboard to view the Documents in the Clipboard
  5. Use the "Move All option to move the Documents to the current Record and remove them from the clipboard
  6. Use the "Copy All option to copy the Documents to the current Record and keep them in the clipboard for later use

You can also remove documents from the Clipboard or clear the entire Clipboard using the options in the Clipboard screen.