NetLabels is a label printing system designed and maintained by GBS Corp. You can find more information at

** This section only shows up if "Enable Asset Tracking" is turned on in the Main Options 

We have partnered with NetLabels to provide automatic label printing form our system. If you purchased and use the NetLabels system we can integrate our data into your label printing process.

General Settings

Label Name

Give the label design a name that makes sense to your users so they will know which design to use if you have multiple.

Design Number

This must match the Label design as provided by the NetLabels team.

User Name / Password

The NetLabels system relies on a user name/password system to allow users to print. Only properly authenticated print sessions are allowed.

Field Mapping

You must map the fields that NetLabels requires. This is dependent on your label design and should be worked out with the NetLabels team. Once you have that established you can set this section accordingly.

NetLabels Field Number

The order of the field as NetLabels sees it in the CSV file.

NetLabels Field Header

The field name that is used as the CSV header value for NetLabels.

docMgt Field Name

the field name in docMgt that holds the value that is going to map to the NetLabels field above.